As you can see, The Shining Lights have updated and revised their website. Every page has been updated and re-arranged to make the information easier to find, and the site easy to navigate. We hope you think so. If you have any issues, questions, or concerns with this website, be sure to drop us a line by E-mail!

It's been a while since The Shining Lights have had any performance dates. But have no fear, they're still around. The team has been busy working on a whole lot of other stuff, and of course working on new material as well. Pongo, Paco and the whole team are itching to get back out there and do some more perfomances. In saying all of that, be sure to keep checking the calendar as new dates and performances are added. And of course, if you would like the puppet team, the clowns, face painters, or the balloon team to come to your event, be sure to contact us well in advance.

The Shining Lights Puppeteers are always looking for new recruites to join the team. If you are interested in puppets, drama, face painting, or ballooning this could be for you. Check out our recruitment page for more details and contact us if you may be interested.

TRAINING 101 - >
Yes, The Shining Lights Puppeteers do training, for puppets, clowning, face painting, and ballooning, for all different size groups, churches, or organizations. If you trying to start your own puppet team, big or small, a bit of training is always a great way to start! Or if you would like to imrpove on the skills that you currently have, our team can be there to help. The Shining Lights have over twelve years of experience and great ideas to help improve your puppets and make your shows more effective. Contact us for more information.


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